If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

Today is a great day for TK and all of those who play, all the way. That’s what I say. But I’m not a rapper.

It’s official, Tourney Bot is finally out of Beta! Thanks, everyone who has ridden along with us on this fantastic roller coaster, it's taken us a while but we think you will be very happy with the results.

Strap in. This may be a long one.


Our oldest and most beloved feature has finally gotten a lot of much-needed love. Behind the scenes, we have drastically improved how we handle tournament data and process your events. You should feel huge overall quality increases when running Tournaments but I’ll still go over some of the most noticeable features.


In the good ole days, when you attempted to start a tournament, our beta bot would work its shiny tuchus off to get everyone added to the bracket and create all the matches all at once.

Now, Tourney Bot works smarter, not harder, and can add people to the bracket before the event is started. This allows him to give you a preview of your bracket before the event even starts, and gives you the power to make adjustments without having to create an entirely new event.

If you like what you see, just click on the ✅. Moments later your tournament will be ready to play.


I’ll take full responsibility here and say that tournament ready up has never lived up to the expectations we had for it. Tournaments have always been insanely jealous over the fancy ready up system within lobbies. Covet no longer, tournament ready up is all users have been asking for and more. 

When tournament admins run a ready up, a check-in message will show up in the Tournament general chat, team captains are then responsible for reacting to that message or their team will get kicked out from the event when the ready up expires. This command can be run multiple times, with custom durations to ensure everyone you want to play is ready and accounted for.

If your captain went AFK and just barely missed the check-in, they can join the tournament again by reacting to the original tournament join card.


  • We have built the framework to support seeded tournaments. We have not built the ability to see tournaments just yet, but now that we have the possibility to do so, it shouldn’t be far away. Keep an eye out for that.
  • Match scoring responsiveness should be much faster and more consistent.
  • Increased tournament start speed by 2500%. 2EZ


Lobbies honestly were pretty solid. They didn’t need nearly as much love but we still put some time and effort into adding quality of life changes in addition to all the awesome new foundational code.

  • People who leave your server will now be properly disqualified from lobby events
  • Lobby pickup matches now ping the users involved when they are created
  • Updated all the help commands and added in more help when you don’t type a command properly to nudge you in the right direction. We are working solutions for simplifying commands and their flow in the future, but this should help a lot for now.

Quick Matches

Quick Matches have been removed to make way for a brand new feature (basically Quick Matches on steroids). Keep an eye out for that update coming soon!

Other News

As an engineering crew, we completed over 200 issues. That is potentially 200 negative things you experienced with the bot that (hopefully) you won’t have to experience anymore. Thanks to your feedback, this update will allow us to respond and fix issues quickly and effectively. 

Keep reporting those bugs to us and keep sending us your suggestions for new features, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!

You may have noticed that we lifted our restrictions of authorizing discord before joining free events. We hope making the bot more inclusive and easier to get started means we’re empowering servers the tools they need to run events and continue to grow their community.