Who are we kidding here - you probably already know about Among Us and you’ve been grinding it. Either by watching streams on Twitch or YouTube videos or participating in it by yourself. We get it - it is addicting! 

Did you actually know Among Us is already 2 years old but it took 2020 to happen for it to become popular? Well, now you know - welcome. We hope the hype and love for it stays a little longer since we have been enjoying it pretty much ourselves but also … we might be working on something. Watch out! 

How about some Among Us Discord server suggestions from our side? 

1. Among Us - The one and only

486.791 users - jep, let that sink in. The possibilities of 24/7 Among Us is just 1 click away. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of crewmates and imposters!

2. Among Us Germany

Obviously we know that not everyone is good in English or you maybe even prefer speaking your mother tongue. That is why we added some variations regarding languages and we might add more or do a second post about all the international servers to kill some crewmates.

3. Among Us Polska/Polish

Everyday 1000 of players join Among Us lobbies to unleash the inner detective or imposter. If Polish is the language of choice we can recommend joining this server including lots of fun emotes and a cool staff.

4. Among US LATAM

Rumor has it that the best Among Us players in the world reside in LATAM. How about we put this to the test in a game of ... some very fine sabotaging?

5. Among US EU/Europe

A little party never killed nobody - neither did Among Us! And we heard the Among Us EU people are good at online partying and rocking some Among Us rounds.

6. Among Us 

Est-ce que tu parles français? Well we might not be the best at this beautiful language but we bet some of you are! This way for some exquisite Among Us grinding.

7. Among Us LFG (Looking for Group) 

Ahhhhh LFG. L-F-G. This is the code for gamers looking to meet new people to play and come together to discover the wide wide world of all kinds of games.

8. Among Us Espanol - Spanish

We want you to have the best Among Us experience you can have - obviously we don't want to start the Castilian vs. Latin Spanish topic so we're more than happy we found this very active Spanish Among Us Discord server.

9. Among Us - Türkye/Turkish

10. Among Us - Excavice

Sometimes there are these days where you’re happy to join a rather smaller Among Us server than a big one. You know - getting those cozy friendly vibes, enjoying some cocoa while talking to the usual suspects you see every day. If you’re looking for a very active and familial server then Among Us - Excavice is the place for you! They even do giveaways from time to time. 

Wow - that was a lot already, right? Even though we already listed the best 10 Discord servers to play Among Us on we could keep going and going. It is awesome to see how a game can unite so many people just by having fun. 

See you soon crewmates and imposters!