Patch Notes 08/18/20

Scrims Launch

It's been a while since we've given you a fresh, shiny new feature. So...

Today is that day. We are officially launching Scrims.

Launching scrims couldn't be easier. just type /scrims

Major Features  

Our new Scrims feature was designed to alleviate the pressure organizers face having to make sure there's always an event going on so their community stays active and continues to grow. 

With Scrims, players can hold best of matches for any game, on any platform and decide for themselves how many players will be involved, who gets to play, and what they are playing for.

Scrims are perfect for teams who want to practice, players who want to build skill, or individuals who wish to settle it 1v1 brah.

Bug Fixes

- Updated our server leaver logic and how it interacts with teams and tournaments. This should result in a lot less ‘stuck’ players

- Updated language change process to prepare for new languages in the future

- Players can no longer leave a tournament that they were not a part of. I know you want to feel involved, but you really do have to join before you can leave.

- Players can no longer kick a member from their team if they are in an active tournament

- If a tournament fails to start on the first try, it is no longer stuck in a 'awaiting start' state, and can be retried