Hey Kings and Queens! 

As all of you know we tested some stuff with our Pick-ups feature some weeks ago and well ... you guys broke it because you loved it. 

We want to bring Pick-ups back and hopefully this time they can stay for a bit longer - if not for ever. 

What are Pick-ups? 

Pick-ups is a feature of our Tourney Bot which simply allows you to engage your Discord community in a super fun and easy way. The best thing about them: your Discord users can win up to $50 by just participating in tournaments. 

How does winning with Pick-ups work? 

1.) Install our Tourney Bot

2.) Run Pick-ups with your users and get your activity up

3.) See users win and cheer with them! 

Winning-Ratio and TK Discord server partners

If you're one of our partnered servers your server's winning ratio skyrockets to another level, you can apply here: apply for TK partner now. 

Host Pick-ups and get some extra cash for yourself! 

To get rewarded for running Pick-ups in your server you can fill out this form here: get $50! 

Good luck in-game, we can't wait to see you win!