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This is probably one of the most exciting patch notes for TourneyBot in recent history. Today is the day we announce our partnership with Challonge. Challonge is a webapp that allows you to create and run events in your favorite web browser. Our partnership brings some great new things for you all, as well as opens up opportunities for some sweet new features in 2021! No more opening up a new url each time the bracket updates, no more entering the same tournament details every day… and more. Keep reading for the ‘...and more’. I’m trying this new cliffhanger thing.

Major Changes

The Bracket

The most obvious changes in this patch are going to be to the bracket. You’ll notice a few new things, the bracket image has changed and the bracket’s live link. The live link used to be a link to a single image that took a snapshot of the latest state of the tournament. Now, clicking on the live link will take you to the tournament’s live bracket webpage where you can watch the updates happen in real time without having to refresh your browser. This should greatly improve the experience for streamers. Make sure to tweet @tkpays whenever you go live with a TourneyBot tournament on your favorite streaming platform.

Tournament Creation

Challonge.com provides you with an alternate method of creating tournaments. You can fill in details over there, then use `/ct CHALLONGE_ID` to complete the creation and spin up that specific tournament in your Discover server. The more options the merrier. ‘Tis the season.

Additionally, on our end you can use the same command to spin up a tournament with the same details as a tournament you’ve already created on TourneyBot. For example, you run a daily Call of Duty: Cold War Tomahawk tournament. Instead of having to go through the create tournament flow once a day for all of eternity, now all you have to do is check the Join Tournament message for the Challonge ID, and use that id to create an identical tournament without all the steps! So if your Challonge ID was `001192`, you could run `/ct 001192` and it would magically appear!

Minor Changes

  • Tournament Admins are now able to display team rosters with the `team roster TEAM_ID` command.
  • We updated the minimum cashout value to $1.00 so those of you can cashout your remaining balances from the old Paid Tournament system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where leaving a server doesn’t properly remove you from the team
  • Fixed an issue where you could finish creating a team in a server after you’ve left that server
  • Fixed an issue where leaving a guild while in an active tournament would not log properly or update the bracket
  • Fixed an issue where non-admins were able to confirm creation of scrims in a server
  • Fixed an issue where leaving a team where you were the only member would cause the embed to not update
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to creating multiple lobbies at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where kicking a user from a tournament did not update the bracket and score cards properly
  • Fixed an issue where team join requests were not properly timing out after 15 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where if you joined a scrim as a team, you were stuck on that team FOREVER.
  • Fixed an issue in /readyup where removing the bot’s initial reaction caused the readyup to fail
  • Fixed formatting issues in our /help command
  • Fixed issue where tournament creation would continue even after you left the guild if you had a /ct in progress
  • Fixed an issue where tournament roles were not removed from users who were kicked from a Tournament
  • Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a tournament would cause the bot to use your user’s name instead of a team name in the bracket
  • Fixed some issues that allowed teams to be deleted even though they were participating in an active event
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to join a team where the creators DMs were off would not work. We now notify the user what happened.



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