If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

We have some new commands for everyone including the much requested registration list for tournaments, and the ability to customize TourneyBot’s prefix in your server. Other than that...lots of bug fixes, and minor quality of life changes. GG

Major Changes


We have majorly upgraded the code that runs everything involving teams. I don’t need to get into the super nerdy details but this will allow us to build all those wonderful things you all have been asking for. That being said, we are always looking for feedback on what you like and don’t like. If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns; Now is a great time to let us know so we can act on it quickly!

  • First, we’ve updated the `/roster` command to take a TEAM_ID instead of a team size. Now if you are curious who is on what team you can just get the team ID and Tourney Bot will provide you with the information you seek. 

  • Ex. `/roster 1234`.


Say goodbye to one of our oldest features, paid tournaments. We know this may be a devastating blow to some of you, but we know it will not be a devastating blow to most of you. We love the idea of allowing Tournament organizers to be able to give out prizes to their players, but we know we can do it better. We have removed paid tournaments and will be removing all our other paid functionality from the bot in order to clear the way for bigger and better options. F in the chat to pay your respects.

Minor Changes

  • DMs with the bot will now be more stylized and attractive than before. Look good, play good applied to our bot as much as it does our players.
  • Added the team name to team join requests.

Bug Fixes

We love our Tourney Bot users and know you guys have sometimes been challenged with some annoying bugs. I speak for the entire dev team when I say we are working hard to ensure we are squashing those bugs and improving your experience with every patch. We will be continuing to focus on bugs in the next few patches to make sure your experience with Tourney Bot is top notch. As a result this section is probably going to be pretty long compared to the other ones.

  • Updated error message when attempting to join a tournament when you aren’t on a team
  • Fixed an issue where teams that we in active events could be `/deactivate`d
  • Fixed a ton of issues involving using the bot with DMs turned off. Seriously though, if you are interacting with our bot, please turn your DMs on.
  • Fixed an issue where the bot would not notify the user when the team setup process didn’t complete successfully
  • Fixed an issue where team join requests were not timing out properly and were causing users to be ‘stuck’ on a team
  • Updated error messages and handling for when users are interacting with the team feature
  • Fixed an issue where files other than images would be accepted as team logos.
  • Fixed a big issue where matches were not able to be scored when a team had left and rejoined the tournament
  • Fixed grammar issues in tournament creation
  • Fixed an issue when trying to kick a person from a team you are not the owner or captain of
  • Fixed an issue where players who left teams would not be able to join other teams.




Tournament Kings

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