If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

Welcome back to our regular cadence of bi-weekly patch notes. This is our first patch after our launch and our focus was fixing all of the issues reported (and dug up, thanks .matt!) as well as adding in small quality of life features. 

It’s certainly no 4th of July fireworks display but you all should be feeling the impact of these changes by not feeling the impact of these changes. The bot will be smoother, faster and more consistent. Let’s dive into the details.

Major Features

White Labelling

A white label is when a product or service removes their brand and logo, and instead uses the logos and branding of the person requesting it. This will be our first premium feature of the bot that will only be available to paid monthly subscribers. 

We have been working on the details and implementation of this feature and our bot is almost ready for the Beta Testers (still a few weeks out). If you think TourneyBot would look great in your server’s colors and logos, email us at sales@tournamentkings.com to get on the early access list. We have limited spots available for early access to this feature.

Minor Features


The language command allows server owners to select their language preference explicitly instead of the bot relying on your geographical location to determine what language to use. At launch we support the following languages. Make sure to let us know which languages you want to see us add to the bot next.

  • Russian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Spanish

Readyup cancellation

We are glad you love the new readyup flow, we think it is a great improvement from the last iteration. We added in DMs linking team captains to the readyup message in the chat and think this is the best compromise between the old way and the new. To further improve this feature, we are introducing the ability to cancel readyups. You can cancel a readyup by running a ‘/start’ after a readyup is in progress. The bot will ask you to confirm you want to cancel, then you can do whatever you want, start the tournament, wait a while...run another readyup. Whatever you want. Yeehaw!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was zombie-ing team setup channels, tournament registration cards, and account registration embeds
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing tournament to progress if a team captain left the server while the event was still going on
  • Fixed a bug where kicking a user from a tournament was not effectively disqualifying them from the event
  • Fixed a bug in lobby leaderboards where they were just showing my name =/. You got me guys, jeeze.
  • Fixed an issue with tournament score-cards becoming stale after long periods of time
  • Fixed an issue where two users with the same name were not added to the bracket
  • Fixed a bug where a user with DMs turned off could not join a team
  • Fixed a bug where a user with entirely emojis in their name could not be added to the bracket
  • Fixed a bug that was not showing the /help command in DMs
  • Fixed a bug that was not sending the account registration link when a person who isn’t signed up for a full Tournament Kings account was trying to use paid functionality
  • Fixed a bug where teams were able to be deleted while in an active event.
  • Fixed an issue where the tournament recap card was being deleted after the tournament channels were deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where the bot thought the tournament was full but it really wasn’t.
  • Fixed an issue in transfers that allowed people to specify pretty weird currency values
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from cancelling a FFA if one of the groups had already scored their match.
  • Fixed an issue where inputting ridiculous values for the team size in tournaments no longer causes BIG PROBLEMS.
  • Fixed an issue where doing too many /ct’s would stack up and cause the bot great misery and sadness
  • Fixed an issue where sending a blank character as the tournament name would cause the category and channels to not create.
  • Fixed a bug where tournaments could be ended multiple times.