If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

Hey. We’ve noticed that you’ve noticed we have a few more bots than just Tourney Bot. We’ve just the patch notes format to reflect that. Enjoy.

Tourney Bot (t.)

  • Updated the default prefix to be `t.`. We apologize for the changes, this one is gonna stick. We promise!
  • Challonge linking is now out of early access and officially a Tourney Bot Premium feature. Those who participated during early access will continue to enjoy linked communities as a thank you for participating!
  • NEW Pickups commands
  • Use t.pickups create to get started
  • `t.leaderboard kick` will remove a user from a leaderboard

Support Bot (s.)

  • Updated the default prefix to be `s.`.
  • Timestamps now included in logs
  • Users can now edit their messages sent to support bot 

Parlor Bot (p.)

  • Updated the default prefix to be `p.`.
  • Players can now invite specific members to play a game with
  • Players can create a public match with `p.<game> create`, which any one can accept and join. You can still make private matches with `p.<game> create @player`
  • Players can now have a rematch with `p.rematch`. Don’t lose twice!

Bouncer Bot (b.)

  • Updated the default prefix to be `b.`.
  • Added b.ban_all command to ban all users with the @Bouncer Jailed role



Tournament Kings

“Where do all these keys come from? And what do they unlock?”