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One small step for Tourney Bot, One giant leap for Tourney Bot users. With today’s patch notes, we bring a ton of super awesome quality of life features. But wait… there’s more! We are super excited to announce Leaderboards is being released to Premium customers for Beta access. Host as many different types of long running competitions as you want, let your users fight for that top spot, and let Tourney Bot handle it all automatically. It’s even better than it sounds. Check out this feature highlight video, and join us in the hype.

Major Changes


Check out our wiki article here for more information and to get started!
Leaderboards will replace Skill Bot in form and function as a way to incentivise server members to stay involved in long running events, and as a way of identifying how members rank compared to other server members.

This feature is not complete but it is pretty darn close. This is a public Beta for all premium users. Let us know how it feels and per usual we will be listening to feedback and adding/adjusting features as we go.

All leaderboards commands start with `//leaderboards` or the shortcut `//lb`. Run that to see a list of commands. The limits for leaderboards are up to your creativity but we will start off with a few general use cases.

  • Lobby Battle Royales 

Create a lobby, get all your users in, have them post screenshots of their post game scoreboard. Admins enter in scores for the users using the `//leaderboards add_points` command

  • Monthly Tournament Series

Create a new leaderboard. Run tournaments, pickups, free for alls, whatever all month long and link eligible events to your leaderboard with the appropriate link_leaderboard command. Tourney Bot will automatically score winners of matches onto the leaderboard. Don’t forget to customize win/loss points with the set_custom_points command.

  • Lobby Pickups 2.0

Yeah we know we already had leaderboards for pickups. But now you can run pickup events, have Tourney Bot automatically track results, and then give players BONUS POINTS for hitting certain objectives. Player got MVP, +2… another player got the most assists, gg +1. Once again, the limit is only your imagination so get out there and make some events and let us know what works best for you and your community!

Tournament Post-Creation Modification

Please do not be intimidated by my impressive vocabulary. Basically, after you create a tournament, we have added a bunch of commands that allow you to make changes. If you are familiar with the //playercap command, these will feel very similar. 

Here are all the commands:



//set_substitute or //disable_substitute





Team Post-Creation Modification

Hey! This looks familiar doesn’t it? Well it is but this is for teams. Now you don’t have to go and delete and recreate a team. Instead use one of the following commands to update your team.

//team set_name

//team set_size

//team set_org

//team set_tag

//team set_logo

Minor Changes

  • We now pin pickups teams in pickup channels
  • Lobbies now have a limit of 160 players instead of 64
  • Members with the Tournament Admin role are now able to create channels under tournament categories
  • Scrims now do not display a ‘react to join’ message when full
  • Updated non-alphanumeric displays on the bracket to be the discord id
  • Updated incorrect roster error message to include links to the Wiki
  • Updated the roster embed to have max team size

Bug Fixes

As always, we are fixing bugs and improving efficiency and speed within the bot, here are some of the more notable fixes. Hit up our support server if you are lucky enough to run into a bug!

  • Fixed an issue where the Challonge unresponsive error was not as helpful as it could be
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be properly removed from a tournament when leaving the guild
  • Fixed an issue where the bot wouldn’t setup properly in guilds that have non alpha-numeric characters in their name
  • Fixed an issue where admins could score scrims as many times as they want



Tournament Kings

“Please do not call us”