If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

Well it’s not as life changing as our last patch, but this one has some pretty great stuff. We are changing our default prefix, allowing tournaments to be created into existing categories, and giving you the tools to figure out if your server is ready to run some amazing events. And some other stuff. You’ll see.

Major Changes

Default prefix changed to `//`

This one isn't that big of a deal but I put it in the major section so you awesome Tourney Bot users would start getting used to the new default prefix. Discord released Slash commands which makes it so if you have a bot that uses slash commands in your server, it will be very difficult to use Tourney Bot with it’s old `/` prefix. You can still change your prefix to be whatever you want it to be with the `//set_prefix`. We’ll be updating our wiki to reflect these changes! In the short term, `/` will still work but we are planning on dropping that support in a little while after everyone gets used to the new way.

Win/Loss Tournament Scoring - For Admins

This may look familiar. It’s because it is. But this time this update is just for those beautiful souls that administer tournaments. You may now use emojis to score matches in win/loss tournaments. Click the 🏆 to declare the top team the winner. Click the 🏳️ to declare the bottom team the winner. Gg2ez

Creating Tournaments into existing categories

Lots of tournament organizers create supplemental channels full of information and details to accompany the event. You’ve been asking for Tourney Bot to be able to use those existing channels and categories as the base for your tournaments and we have delivered.

Create your event into an existing channel by passing in the category id after the `//ct` command. See how I used the new prefix...I’m learning too.
For example `//ct 123074120431209`

This works for challonge linked tournaments as well. Just use the challonge id then the category id. `//ct <challonge_id> <category_id>`

Happy tournament-ing. 

Minor Changes

//kick <reason>

We added an optional argument to the `/kick` command in tournaments that allows you to specify the reason for a kick.


Have you ever wondered what exactly Tourney Bot needs in your server in order to function properly? Wonder no longer! Use the `//audit` command to see all the permissions and roles Tourney Bot needs. All green check marks means you are good to go, if there is a red X that means you are in danger of the bot not working to its fullest.

Bug Fixes

As always, we are fixing bugs and improving efficiency and speed within the bot, here are some of the more notable fixes. Hit up our support server if you are lucky enough to run into a bug!

  • Fixed an issue that was stopping Free for All enthusiasts from using the `/lobby next ffa` command. 
  • Fixed an issue where running lobby commands outside of lobbies would not give a very helpful error message

Finally, I think it is worth addressing that some of you had a less than ideal experience with Tourney Bot Bracketed Tournaments this weekend. We truly apologize for that and really appreciate all the time and effort spent collecting as much detail about the issue as possible. We were able to pass that information onto Challonge and they are confident they have found and solved the issue. As always, if you experience any bugs, or have any ideas on how Tourney Bot can be improved, please open up a ticket in our support server.



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