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Okay, buckle in. This is a long one so let’s just get started.

Major Changes

Skillbot x Scrims

Scrims is one of Tourney Bot’s supplementary features that allows players to create head to head matches in the server without an admin needing to be around to guide them. It’s great for, well erm, scrims… scheduled casual games, practice blocks, etc. Now Premium Tourney Bot users can set up SkillBot to keep track of rankings and leaderboards for players participating! Gone are the days of wondering if you are a bigger noob than your arch rival. Now you know for sure. Spoiler alert: I am.

Win/Loss Tournament Scoring

Sometimes Tournament Administrators don’t care about the score of the series and just care about who won the match and who lost. Historically, Tourney Bot had you score a best 1 series as 1, then 0, then confirm. That’s 3 steps! But now, if win/loss is selected, all a captain has to do is react with their own results. You lost: react with the surrender flag. You won: wow, look at you. React with the Trophy. Confirm you clicked the correct thing, gg. That’s a 50% reduction in steps. You’re welcome!

Minor Changes


Okay, maybe some of you would argue that this is a major change. But I’m keeping it down here even though I am super hyped for it. You can now change the ‘best of’ amount while a tournament is running. Use `/set_best_of <new_number>` in your #administrator channel to set the new amount.

Note: This only affects newly created matches. So be sure to change the ‘best of’ during the semi finals if you want your championship to have a different number of games played in the match.


Yeah, so we knew our `/help` command was ugly. We are also aware that looks aren’t everything. Regardless, we have updated the look and feel of the help embed to point you towards our wonderful Wiki! Learn everything you need to know about Tourney Bot there, and bask the glory of a clean, responsive help embed.


Sometimes admins want full control over the scoring channel of a tournament. Now, you can toggle the public/private-ness of your score channel with the `/score_channel` command. Run this in your friendly local #administrator channel.


Using the `/roster <team_id>` command used to be reserved only for the elite admins of the server to see what the roster is on which team. We have opened it up for all the commoners to use in order to scout opponents or verify rosters before the event. 

Clearing score before full input

 Using the scoring embed for reporting your scores is generally pretty intuitive for most players, but something that is not intuitive is what to do when you accidentally enter the first number in the score improperly…. Until now! We have added the ability to clear your score at any point and reset back to blank. Don’t worry about those mistakes, just clear ‘em and try again. You’ll get it. We believe in you.

Updated display of additional tournament info

Tournament Admins may notice the final question when creating a tournament has changed slightly, we used to ask for ‘Rules’ but now we ask for any additional information. This is to help TAs understand that they can put anything they want about the tournament they want displayed in that final question. Additionally, we are providing that info in the tournament join DM and displaying it on tournament start. Players will now have less of an excuse for not reading the details of the tournament, but we know they still won’t. Just like these patch notes. Man, this is getting long isn’t it?

Team Creation

We are looking into solving the ‘Teams Problem’ to make hosting Team events easier on Tourney Bot, so be sure to hit us up in our support server if you have opinions on how best to do that. But in the meantime, we have changed it so team creators will automatically be added to their teams as the captains. Saves a step and might make it easier for players to create teams and join up for events.

Bug Fixes

As always, we are fixing bugs and improving efficiency and speed within the bot, here are some of the more notable fixes. Hit up our support server if you are lucky enough to run into a bug!

  • Fixed an issue where uploading a video as a team image would result in a team not being created.
  • Fixed an issue where lobby pickups leaderboard would not display order properly if someone participating left the server.
  • Fixed an issue where Tourney Bot users were not getting notified when they were getting kicked due to missing a ready-up.




Tournament Kings

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