If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

You may have heard some buzzing around Discord about some busy bees and their partnership to bring you the best Tournament experience possible. Those buzzes are on point, and we are happy to announce our partnership with Challonge to bring you TourneyBot and Challonge connected communities.

Major Changes

TourneyBot x Challonge

We’ve been working on ways for your server to have more control over the tournaments you created via TourneyBot. We’ve worked with Challonge to deliver on those goals. You can now link your Discord server to your Challonge Community and have tournaments created directly into your community instead of ours. You have a running record of your events and more control than ever before! Check out full details on the partnership here.

Minor Changes

Lobby Available Registrants

So you have a bunch of people playing in your awesome pickup or free for all events, but you have some new people who have joined up after you got started who want to play too.

Now you can identify how many people are waiting and available to play by taking a look at the top of the `/lobby registrations` command.

Fire off pickups lightning fast as your users come in and keep the competition flowing.


Bug Fixes

As always, we are fixing bugs and improving efficiency and speed within the bot, here are some of the more notable fixes. Hit up our support server if you are lucky enough to run into a bug!

  • Fixed an issue with kicking users from lobbies via @mentions
  • Fixed an issue that would cause tournament creation to fail if your description on Challonge was too long
  • Fixed an issue where a custom readyup time was producing an error
  • Fixed an issue that was causing admins to not be able to score scrims before readyups
  • Fixed an issue for score overriding on Challonge connected communities
  • Fixed an issue where leaving a guild during a lobby readyup would not properly remove the user from the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where kicking a user before their score card was confirmed would cause the scorecard to not be deleted
  • Fixed an issue where kicking a member of a team would not show their name
  • Fixed an issue where there was no confirmation after running a `/team setup`