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This is the patch notes where I make use WAY too many sandwich puns, in celebration of our latest feature, Substitutes (subs). I know a lot of you loaf the idea of reading a bunch of sandwich puns. If that is you, you may want to leave. For everyone else...lettuce begin.

Major Changes

Substitute Players on Teams for Tournaments

This would probably just say ‘Substitute Players on Teams’ but we are rolling out this feature for Tournaments only to see how it goes. We will consider adding this to Scrims in the future based on your feedback! 

Okay, so what are subs? Subs are players who are on your team but only play in a situation where someone from your main roster is unable to play. It’s good to have a couple extra players along for the ride just in case something crazy happens. 

Okay, so how do I do that? Great question. I’m really on fire with those. Well if you are a Tournament Administrator you have an extra question in your setup that asks if you want to allow for subs, if you do, just select that option. Then when you are determining what team size for the event, ask for the size of the team PLUS the amount of subs you want to allow (...limit 2 for now, which is pretty standard). For example, if you are hosting a League of Legends tournament and want to allow two subs, you would select 7 for team size. 5 of the main roster + 2 subs = 7 quick maffs.

Well, what if I am a team captain? Wow, another awesome question. If you are a team captain, you can just make a team of the same size the event requires (7 for the example above). If you have two human substitute players, then you can add them to your team normally, either by request or by our awesome new team join code feature. If you do not have any subs and want to participate in the event, you can fill your team with bot placeholder players by clicking on the + emoji on your team registration card. If you ever need to get rid of a bot to replace it with a human (...yuck) then you can click on the - emoji. It’s as simple as that. 

Per usual, this is a pretty major change and we will be listening to your feedback in the weeks to come as you get down and dirty with the changes.

Lobbies no longer support teams

This may be a crushing blow to some of our users but the ability to create team lobbies is gone as well as the ability to create ‘Groups’ events. Groups have been replaced by Tournament Round Robins, as they are the same thing except tournaments have graphics in place for them. 

We decided to remove teams from lobbies so we could focus our time better on the features you all were using, Free For Alls, which is for individuals up to 8 people in each group. And pickups, which is for individuals who aren’t on organized teams to spin up quick pick up games.

The removal of teams in lobbies lifts a huge burden off our shoulders and allows us to prioritize the things you all are asking for, press F to pay respects.

Minor Changes

4 Letter Team Tags

Well, we heard you. Just like the postal system you like more letters. We gave you one. Be good and we may give you even more.

8 Member Roster Embeds

Seems like some people were being left out of the roster embeds on really large teams…looking at you Battlefield V. Now we display up to 8 members of a team on the roster embed.


@Mention TourneyBot

Insert meme:
Small Brain - Using `/`
Big Brain - Using custom prefix

Omega Brain - @mention the bot

Memes aside, you can now mention the bot in addition to your custom prefix or slash in order to enter commands.

Improved Bot Responses

This one is much less of a flashy change, but we updated a lot of the wording in TourneyBot responses to hopefully be more clear and give you more direction when needed

Team Setup Clear All Teams

If you want to clear all the teams from your team setup after an event without deleting the team setup channels. We have added the `/team clear_all` command. Run it in a the team join channel of the setup you want to clear and let the bot do the rest. Fair warning, this can be destructive. Don’t clear teams while they are participating in an active event or you are going to have a bad time.

Admins Report Scrim Score

Admins can now report scrim scores even if the teams have not readied up yet. You’re an admin, we trust you.

Team Codes 1.0.1

We will continue to update the team codes feature as more and more of you get your hands on it. We have already taken a pass at some of the wording and user experience flows. Let us know what else to keep an eye out for.

Reset prefix command

If you forget your prefix and you don’t want to @mention the bot. We have a hard coded `/reset_prefix` command that will reset your prefix back to default `/`.

Premium TourneyBot Embed

TourneyBot is free and will continue to be but we wanted to make you aware of the possibility of upgrading the bot for your server. This will show up when you end your tournament. We love and appreciate the support and know the TourneyBot would look 4000x better in your server’s colors and logos.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the bot would DM a person who was not registered if they were manually given the tournament’s role.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had your DMs turned off, you would not be mentioned in your group for Free for All events.
  • Upgraded the registration logic to help mitigate an issue where teammates would be stuck in an event without their captain
  • Fixed an issue where the bot would send you ALL the DMs for a round robin at the start of the event. 




Tournament Kings

“Just like j-lo, my love don’t cost a thing”