If you didn't catch our last patch notes, check them out here

Hello. It’s been a little bit since we’ve last chatted. Hope you are doing well.

This patch is pretty straightforward with mostly bug fixes and behind the scenes upgrades. That isn’t all though! We also have a brand new way of joining teams which should make it easier for you to coordinate with your teammates and jump into some team tournaments.

Major Changes

Team Join Codes

Creating and joining teams can be really easy if you have all your friends online and in a voice chat, they’re all on the same server as you, you have a link to your team join card...etc. But we recognize that all of those conditions are seldom met. Now, you can create a 6 digit passcode for your team and then just give that code to your friends to automatically gain access to the team. No more direct message telephone tag where you aren’t online to accept their requests then they aren’t online to send them. 

You’ll notice a new emoji on your team join card. Click that to get started. Let us know how you like it!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a team that was currently participating in an event would show a funky message
  • Fixed an issue where we didn’t let you know you needed to pass in a language code with your /language command
  • Fixed an issue where leaderboard channel names were inconsistent
  • Fixed an issue where match scorecards were not populating in rare circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where you could not cancel some creation dialogues
  • Fixed an issue if the ‘Tournament Admin’ role didn’t exist in your server when you went to create a tournament.




Tournament Kings