Tourney Bot Case Study

Revive Cold War's Dead Server

Tourney Bot plays a huge part in reviving a dead server. Taking it from zero activity to the biggest Cold War server at the top of discovery.


Customer Harry Haley, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Server.

Problem Community retention was low and community was not active.

Result Tourney Bot made the server successful because it changed the way they approached community. This is now the biggest (and most engaged) CW server.


The server originally had zero activity. Ever since launch, the numbers have gone up and continue trending. The server is now the biggest Cold War server and at the top of discovery when searching "Cold War Discord" in Google, and searching for "Cold War" communities in Discord.

It's also one of the top gaming servers listed (i.e highest upvoted) on Discord server listing websites.

Server organizer, Harry Haley says that Tourney Bot was a large factor in the server's success, because it re-framed the way they approach the community; taking it from being focused on just running scrims to having engaging discussions. People interact with each other by

  • showing off their gaming setup
  • providing tips/advice
  • sharing game clips and screenshots
  • providing server suggestions
  • having tournament ideas

Because of this, people feel involved in the server. Haley says that they host a tournament on average at least once a week, and they plan to ramp that up.

Tourney Bot played a large role in helping [revive the server]. Having a place to host tournaments helped. Plus, with a lot of servers, you have to find people to play with, you play, and then you leave. But with Tourney Bot, the server was successful because it changed the way we approach 'community.'" -Harry “TKHarry” Haley, Cold War Server Organizer

Cold War server before and after stats shown below