Hey Kings and Queens! 

We at Tournament Kings live and breath tournaments but also Discord. It is basically a no brainer for us to know where to find the best Discord servers for your entertainment and to find new players to game with. One of the sites we like using for this, is https://discords.com/. They offer various advanced features to find THE perfect server for your need. No matter if you are looking for friends or some game buddies, this is the place to be:

Here is a short list of some top servers to check out: 


Socialize is a server with huge giveaways & events. They are one of the most active servers with 100 thousand members and voice and text channels that are always active. An exciting and original feature is the ability to create your own gang so you can make new friends and connections!


The Titans is a Dank Memer server that has a lot to offer. They have nitro giveaways, premium meme bots, massive daily friendly heists, and active chats and voice channels.


Digital is another active, fun community. The best feature of this server is multiple nitro giveaways per day to give back to their community.


Chillbar is an active and chill community. They revolve around anime with extremely active text channels that let you meet new people. Joining the server will unlock you to 500 well designed emotes.


Sneaky's dream is a smaller community that hosts daily events/giveaways and helps promote upcoming content creators on twitch/youtube.

Let us know what you think about these Discord servers and maybe we'll see each other on one of them!