- The Esports News Site always keeps you up to date about the Esports world. Here you will not only find the latest news from big titles like CS:GO and League of Legends, but also everything worth knowing from the gaming scene in general. Besides, organizes tournaments and events for pros and streamers to bring the community together and support their growth.

The team has set itself the goal to also give attention to less popular games. But that is not enough! To further promote esports in Germany, not only relevant news will be reported. Streamers and professional gamers "live the dream" - do they? People often forget some of them are dependant on events., therefore, hosts fun events for Twitch streamers every time putting on a wild show. You can think of it like Twitch Rivals - Fragster's channel has hosted PUBG, Fallguys, and Among Us tournaments that regularly brought a wide variety of streamers to the servers. Similar to us at Tournament Kings, Fragster tries to offer players an uncomplicated way to experience something nice together.

The pro scene does not fall under the table but is actively supported by targeted cups. So far there was a VALORANT, DOTA2, and CS:GO event. Also, is a partner of the ACL DOTA2 league, one of the most important competitions in German-speaking countries, and the PUBG DACH championship of BEING Esports. Both titles that have a strong player base, but due to lack of mainstream interest tend to be forgotten or only make the headlines. And that even though they have very strong and successful players in both. KuroKi won the International with Liquid in DOTA2 and ShiftW is very strong in PUBG with players who were already part of G2.

To be able to report about even more games, the team needs additional editors who want to join the constantly growing group of Esport enthusiasts. If you love writing and Esports, go for it - it is compensated! You can simply send an application to and introduce yourself.

Just try your luck, maybe this is the start of your career in the Esports scene! Oh and just for the record: We at Tournament Kings love guest bloggers. So if you're in for some extra exposure be sure to hit us up.