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After it’s sudden launch and even more sudden rise to popularity, Apex Legends has been one of the most played battle royale games on the market for years now. The game’s recent move to the Steam store has increased it’s already considerable fanbase. But if you’re new to the game or just returning after a break, you may be wondering where the Apex Legends communities and content are.

We’re happy to report that Apex Legends is thriving in its eighth in-game season, and there are more than a few places to find some new friends to squad up on Discord. Here’s our top five Apex Legends Discord servers.

  1. Apex Legends - Official Discord Server

Being moderated and run by Respawn Entertainment, the official Apex Legends Discord server is the best place for news and updates regarding the game. It’s where you’ll find all the newest Apex Legends content, whether it’s coming from the developers or the community itself.

  1. LFG Global

Looking for a new duos partner? Trying to find a team of three to grind out the newest battle pass? You’d be in good shape if your search started at LFG Global, a huge Discord community that helps players find their newest teammates across a wide spectrum of games. With an active Apex Legends community here, you’re sure to find players near your skill level and with plenty of time to play.

  1. Apex Console

Although the game’s biggest success has been on the PC platform, there’s still plenty of Apex Legends players fighting to be the last team standing from the comfort of their couch. Console players will find their community here at the Apex Console server, where console players share content and group up.

  1. Battlecord

The Battlecord server is designed with hardcore players in mind. Here you’ll find players looking to hike up their ranks and constantly climb the ladder up to Apex Predator. There will be plenty of fun to be had, but you’ll join this server if you’re in a competitive mindset and looking to get a little sweaty with some like minded tryhards.

  1. Apex Legends Status

While this channel doesn’t have much going for it in the way of “community,” it’s a useful tool to have in your Discord if you’re a frequent Apex Legends player. This channel should be your first stop if you’re experiencing connection problems in-game and you’re wondering the status of their servers. They also do occasional giveaways for their loyal followers.

With a steady esports presence within the Apex Legends community, this game has tournaments running for it all the time. If you feel like organizing your own competitive event, there’s no better place to get started than with Tourney Bot, developed by us here at Tournament Kings.

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