Tournament Kings Enterprise Solution

Tourney Bot bot now offers enterprise clients the ability to reach their audience on a more engaging level via our premium bot software.

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Tourney Bot is decentralized so your audience stays in one place.

Increase your engagement by providing your audience with an awesome experience.

Perfect for brands, schools, teams, and organizations of all sizes and interests.

We Have A Variety Of Solutions To Fit Your needs

Our Bot. Your Brand.

Our tournament Discord bot, Tourney Bot, can easily be customized to fit your branding needs. This allows you to advertise to the Discord audience in an authentic and engaging way.

Stand Out From The Crowd.

There's over 250M active users on Discord, but their strict ToS means these users can't be reached via normal marketing means. Tourney Bot's white-labeling feature is compliant with their TOS and finally allows you to advertise to this audience.

Encourage Conversion

Tourney Bot's Code Distribution feature allows you to send registered bot users specific information in the form of a link or code. Perfect for brands looking to spread awareness or encourage sales conversion.

Additional Benefits

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Priority 24/7 Support

We offer priority 24/7 support to all our premium and enterprise level clients. You can also join our Discord community for instant support.

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Account Manager

We'll pair you with a dedicated account manager who will work with you to educate your staff, edit your bot, and more.

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Partner Landing page

We'll build you a custom landing page to increase discovery and direct game-specific traffic where you want.

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Priority Placement

Our community servers are the perfect place for your brand to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of TK users.

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Beta Access

You'll get access to the latest and greatest features we're working on AND influence on the development of our product roadmap.

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All the Bots!

Enterprise clients have access to our full Discord bot suite including custom support, lead capture, gameplay, and server moderation bots.

Need more time to consider? Download Our Enterprise Deck