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Getting Started

-+Getting The Bot

Step 1:

Click here to add TK Bot to your Discord Server.

Step 2:

Select which of your servers you’d like to add TK Bot to.

Step 3:

Give TK Bot the proper permissions (as shown in the photo)

Step 3:

Too many messages in a channel will cause tournament cards to be pushed out of immediate visibility, so it is recommended that a designated #TournamentSignup channel be created with permission settings to restrict anyone other than the bot or tournament admins from typing in it.

The same goes for the Registration card, made with the '/registration create' command. A designated channel for only this card is recommended to allow quick and easy access.


Step 1:

Create a Registration card with the /registration create command in a discord channel that the bot has permissions to type in and edit.

From there click the reaction icon below the card to create your TK account.

Before being able to use the bot, users will first have to register their Discord account and accept the Terms of Service.

Step 2:

TK Bot will DM you with the following card. Click “Please click here to signup” to create your official TK account.

Please be aware, you’ll need to have your DM’s turned on so the bot can message you.

Step 3:

When taken to the site, click “Accept and Login” and authorize when prompted by Discord.


Your server members only need to register for a TK account when competeing for cash prizes or adding funds to their TK Account wallet.

-+Starting A Tournament

In a public channel, type:
or, the shorthand way:

  • This will begin the tournament creation process with the Bot in DMs.
  • Complete each step my sending the response to the bot.
Answer each of the following:
  • Enter Tournament Name
  • Team Size (entering X will require all teams to have x members)
  • Game being played
  • Bracket Type
  • Price
  • Number of rounds per match.
  • Number of Teams or participants (depending on bracket type)
  • Game Platform
  • Rules & Information

Full Command List

-+Public Commands

User Commands


Returns a list of commands relevant to that channel.


To send funds to another user, type /transfer X @mention in a public channel. Replace the X with how much money you want to send, and make sure you @mention the right user! Ex: /transfer 10 @PartyPete


Returns a link to the support server.


Returns a link to leave some feedback on the bot through our Google survey.

/team kick @mention

This allows the team creator to remove a user from your Team.

Admin Commands

/createtournament (/ct)

Starts the creation of a tournament through private messages.

/lobby create

Begins the lobby creation setup in DM's.

/quickmatch setup (/qm setup)

Starts the creation of a quickmatch system through private messages.

/team setup

Builds Team Management channels in the server, allowing users to create and join Teams.

/registration create

Returns an embed that gives users the ability to register with Tournament Kings.


Initiates the readyup sequence that requires players to respond to a DM from the bot to mark themselves active for the tournament. Defaults to 30 seconds. Ex. For two minute timer /readyup 120


Sets the bracket channel to public or private. Default: Private. Ex: /log private

/log public:private

Sets the log channel to public or private. Default: Private.

-+Tournament #chat channel commands

User Commands


Starts the tournament, creates the bracket, and gives participants permissions to view the rest of the tournament channels.


Used to set the player cap before starting a tournament

/kick @playername

Kicks the specified participant from the current tournament.

/ban @playername

Bans the specified participant from the current tournament.

/score match# score1-score2

Scores a specified match


Reloads the bracket image in the bracket channel.


Ends a tournament after the last match has been completed.

-+Lobby Commands

These are commands that can be done to begin lobby-specific processes.

Any tournament creation commands can additionally be done here. Lobbies are essentially an extra gate to limiting the amount of users participating in an event.

Lobby Commands

/lobby help

Sends an embed with all the available lobby commands and information.

/lobby readyup

Sends a ready check to the lobby #chat channel. Users who do not react to this are kicked from the lobby.

/lobby start pickup 10 5

This command will create a pickup game with [10] people, and makes teams of [5].

/lobby start ffa 8 2 1

This command is saying: /lobby start ffa [8 = total partipants] [2 = members per group] [1 = winners per group]
Tourney Bot™ will now create 4 groups of [2] out of the total [8] participants and will make the top [1] player the winner of each gorup.

/lobby next ffa

This will progress the FFA round on to the next with the winners from the previous round.

/lobby auto pickup on 1

This is used to automate the creation of pickup matches. This command will create matches every minute with teams of [1]. Only users who are not already in a match will be included.

-+Direct Message Commands

These are messages sent directly to the bot.


Allows users to view their account information, such as playable balance, Cash balance, and TKash balance.


Allows the user to deposit money to their account via a PayPal. A link to the tournament kings website will direct you to a page where you can securely transfer money with PayPal.


Sends the user to the Tournament Kings site to withdraw money from their account.

All Features

-+Tournament Channels

After creating a tournament, a category and corresponding channels will be made automatically.


This is where all action messages are sent:

  • When a player joins
  • When a player leaves
  • When a tournament ends
  • When a player is kicked
  • When a player is banned
  • When a tournament starts

Tournament commands will not work in the #log channel

Non-Tournament admins are automatically restricted from typing in this channel


  • This is the General chat channel for the specified tournament
  • All users who enter the tournament have permission to type here
  • Messages will also be sent here when starting the tournament and ending it.


  • This is where the embed showing the tournament bracket will be created
  • The embed will automatically update after each match
  • After the tournament is completed, the embed will change to show the winners and payouts
  • Messages will also be sent here when starting the tournament and ending it.


  • Match scoring embeds are sent to this channel.
  • Both team captains are able to score matches

    Score is reported by reacting first with the score of the first team, and then the score of the second team.

    Score is then confirmed by reacting to the appropriate emote.


  • Match results are shown here after being confirmed in the #score-matches channel
  • Users can react with the given 'X' to dispute matches


  • This is where admins will use all of their commands to manage the tournament.
  • Start embeds and readyup embeds will show here as well
  • Disputes are also shown here

-+Lobbies Channels

These lobby channels will appear within the catagory you named when creating the lobby.


All notifications of players joining/leaving will be sent here.


This is where pickup game ranks will be shown. It will automatically update after each scored pickup game.


This is where match results from pickups in the lobby will be posted.


A locked channel that only members of the lobby can participate in


This is the intended place for tournament admins to put their commands.

-+Free-For-All Channels

These will appear after a /lobby start ffa command is done in a lobby.


FFA group results will be posted in this channel in the form of embeds showing all winners of each group.


Embeds with all participating players in the group will be sent here, and players will be given the opportunity to score their matches here as well.

Once a /lobby start ffa command is submitted, FFA groups and channels will be made, depending on the parameters of the command.

FFA Scoring

After a FFA group has been created, there are several different ways of scoring:

  • In matches of 8 or more, participants will be able to send their scores/placing via one of the text channels.
  • While in the group channel, the admins may use the /score command to score the entire group at once, with either the Letter assigned to users, @mentioning the users, or ordering them by their user strings.

To have everyone in the group move on to the next round, make the number of winners the group size to have everyone move on to the next round.


Pickups are a tool to take everyone in your lobby, and randomly generate teams. The teams are then randomly matched against one another for a single game.

  • Pickups can also be ran with pre-made teams by creating a lobby for a specific team size, and then running a pickup.
  • Pickups can be automated to create matches when teams & players become available.
  • To start pickup automation, type '/lobby auto pickup on # (this number will be the team size).
  • To turn off automation: /lobby auto pickup off


  • Tournaments can be made single elimination, or double elimination with the winner of the losers' bracket facing the finalist of the winners' bracket.
  • Free or Paid
  • Individual or Teams

Single Elimination

  • Standard Double Elimination Bracket

Double Elimination

  • Standard Double Elimination Bracket
  • Finals Formats:

    Default - (Losers' bracket team must beat Winners' bracket team twice to win)

    Single match - (The winner is decided in one game)

-+Free & pAID Tournaments

Free Tournaments

  • Tournaments for teams or individuals with free entry for players
  • Players / Team captains can join or leave by reacting to the Register emote shown in the embed.

Paid Tournaments

  • Tournaments requiring a paid entry set by the organizer
  • Players / Team captains join or leave by reacting to the Register emote shown in the embed.

    Each player who joins a paid event will have the entry fee deducted from their TK account upon entry.

    Entry fees can range from $.25 to $50,000.

  • Payout options include:
    Winner takes all, Top 2, Top 3, & Top 8


Creating A Team

  • In a public channel, type '/team setup'

    This will create the Team Management category with the #create-team and #join-team channels

  • Deleting the Channels or Category will delete all of teams setup and all existing teams.
  • In the #create-team channel, react to the Team Creator Embed with the arrow emote shown in the embed.
  • In DM's to the bot, enter the following bits of information when prompted:

    Team name

    Roster size (Can only join tournaments with teams of the same size)

    Organization name (enter None for no organization name)

    3-letter tag name

    Upload an image ('None' for default image)

  • The team should now be created and listed in the #join-team channel.

Joining A Team

  • Go to the #join-team channel to see a list of existing teams
  • Find the team you with to join, react with the 'join' emote shown in the embed

    This sends a DM from the bot to the team creator, where they will need to approve the request.

React with the Check to accept, X to decline

This confirmation expires after 5 minutes


Do I need to Register my TK account to compete in events?

You only need a TK account to participate in events with cash prizes or to deposit funds into your TK wallet.

If an event does require you to have an account, the bot will automatically bring you through the account registration process when you attempt to join the event.

How do I get started after inviting the bot?

All you need to do to get started after inviting the bot is type '/help' in a public channel, and then choose what command you want to run! Create a tournament, Quick Match, Lobby, you name it!

What kind of permissions does the bot need?

The bot does a lot of different things, so to ensure it's always working properly, it needs administrator rights.

What's the best way to get users registered?

We recommend a special channel called "registration" where you create a registration card for users to react to. Make sure you set permissions to stop people from typing in that channel, or else the registration card will get lost in the messages.

What's the best way to organize my server?

We recommend having designated #registration & #tournament-singup channels, where only tournament admins can send messages. That way, you can make sure the registration & tournaments cards are easily accessible and never get pushed up by messages in the channel.

What games can I run tournaments for?

We designed the bot to be agnostic to game, meaning if you have a discord community, you can use it for whatever game you want... even Ping-Pong!

How do I get people to join my events?

Once you have the tournament created, users can join by reacting to the tournament card in the channel you made the tournament in. Make sure users can see the channel, otherwise they won't be able to join!

How can I allow other members of my discord to run tournaments & events?

All you have to do is give them the 'tournament admin' role, which the bot will have already created. Once you do that, they will be able to use the bot to run their own events!

How do I add money to my account to join paid events?

In order to join a paid event, you will need to first deposit funds into your Tournament Kings account. You can do this via Paypal by sending a DM to the bot saying /deposit

How do I know my money is secure?

All transactions are securely done through our Paypal integration. As one of the best known payment systems in the world, we chose Paypal so provide security and peace of mind to our users.

How do I know how much money I have in my account?

Simply DM the bot /account to see all of your account information!