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Our Story

Tournament Kings began with a single purpose, to help friends stay connected and incentivize them to play together even when they’re miles apart.

That was our CEO Brett Phillips’ goal when he first came up with the idea as a way to stay connected with the friends he made in law school. The only problem was, organizing online events was hard and there wasn’t a tool that would not only organize his events but manage them too. That’s when Tournament Kings was born.

Our goal is to help friends and communities grow and stay connected with one another by developing the most powerful event management tool ever seen; and with our TK Bot we’ve made the first steps to accomplishing that.

Tournament Kings staff

Tournament King’s Founders & Directors

Our TK family is full of badasses who share a passion for gaming. Here’s a few of our awesome members.

Brett Phillips

Brett Phillips

Founder /
Chief Executive Officer

John Cianci

Co-Founder /
Chief Strategy Officer

Evan Steitz

Co-Founder /
Chief Technology Officer

Juston Davies

Chief Operating Officer

Jake Dahlman

Co-Founder /
Director of Customer Experience

Andrew Adams

Director of Sales

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